Client Testimonials

I’ve had a hugely motivating and mindset shift working with Siobhan on my winter wardrobe. Siobhan dedicated so much time and energy to review, cast out, recombine my existing wardrobe, and recommend new looks, colours, shapes and textures. We spent a well focussed half day shopping expedition where we achieved 80% of our list. Siobhan had prepared the trip in advance, selecting possible outfits and putting them by in the shops so we could literally walk in, try on and buy/reject. She provided an excellent Look Book which guided our shopping expedition, and will help me avoid disastrous and costly purchases in the future. Siobhan has continued to be a pillar of support for my buying decisions beyond the consultations. Thank you so much, and I look forward to doing the same again for my Spring/Summer wardrobe. Linda G, Management Consultant 

We had a great time recently with the WellStyled Personal Stylist Session, very informative and interesting …. came away with some great ideas.. Siobhan is just so lovely, professional and supportive !! Keep being amazing !! Angie, E. Event Management at O2

This lady is amazing and really knows her stuff. She explains what works for your style, body shape, colouring etc. and the reasons why. Explaining not only what clothes, shoes and accessories work for you but also tips on hair & makeup. You can then take the information and use it every day for every outfit and every season. The whole experience was an investment well worth making and I can only thank Siobhan for the confidence boost it has given me.  Marie C. Technician, Swale Borough Council

My boys are all growing up now and when I pass by a mirror I see an older woman. I don’t particularly like what I see and have felt uncertain whether anyone will look at me or listen to me ever again.  So it’s been a revelation for me to consider more carefully how I dress – particularly the colours I wear and the basic cut of my clothing. And to feel increased confidence as i construct an outfit for work that celebrates the person I am now. This is all down to Siobhan. I attended her workshop this year alongside several other women. We shared our doubts and exchanged stories, laughed and empathised: all the while Siobhan gently advising, challenging, moving us to a new place. I now feel more confident and in control of the image I am projecting to the world. And sales shopping this new year has been so much more straightforward! Thanks Siobhan  Amanda H. Senior lecturer, BA Architecture, Spatial Practices, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design

I’ve just had a wardrobe detox and shopping trip with Siobhan. It was amazing. I’ve now got more confidence to wear the hidden gems in my wardrobe – I’m now dressing down my formal jackets to wear with jeans. Shopping was an eye-opening whirlwind – don’t forget your water and snacks! Siobhan kindly nudged me out of my comfort zone and I’ve bought very affordable accessories and shoes to mix and match with my old clothes and the new things I bought.  Julie, D.  Florist Teacher

I have loved minimising my wardrobe so methodically and combing through each piece so carefully with you. Thank you for helping me refine my personal style. It was so much fun and so rewarding. I would never have coordinated the outfits together the way you did. Getting dressed has never been so simple until now and I generally feel better about myself too. As for how I look, well I’m receiving more compliments than ever before!  Edith B. full time stay at home mum 

Had a brilliant time and been thinking about everything and looking at clothes and colours a completely different way. Can’t wait to get the LookBook and our shopping trip! Claire M. Registered Nurse 

I asked Siobhan Young from WellStyled to come and help me find some style – no mean feat! For a long time I’ve felt as though I was able to dress for work but as soon as I tried to dress casually or for a dinner date, I felt completely out of my depth. Siobhan asked lots of questions, listened to my thoughts, challenged where necessary and helped me to work out what suits me. She talked me through colours, styles and everything from the bottom up. We also cleansed my wardrobe which was very cathartic. It was a great session and I now feel much more confident about going shopping, knowing what to look for and having a much clearer idea of how to build a capsule wardrobe that will work really well for me. Catherine G. Financial Services

Siobhan is fantastic. A friend and I attended a workshop and loved it so much, we’re putting on several workshops for my team at Yoyo Design. Loved it – highly recommend this workshop to everyone – lots of brilliant tips, met some lovely people and had lots of fun!  Thanks so much for yesterday. I already feel more confident and reinvigorated. I think I just ignored fashion and style for a long time, but I need (and want) to get more into it and you definitely gave me lots of inspiration! Jenny K. Managing Director

The style event was fantastic. Your step by step guidance on how to approach fashion with a complete open mind with key points to look out for was exceptional. The do’s and don’ts for all our women’s different shapes totally clarified to us exactly what we should be looking for in terms of fit and detailing. Detailing to either emphasis our best bits or to disguise our not so good bits !  Having my colours done has filled me with such confidence, having learnt that I can now, fortunately have a whole kaleidoscope of options to choose from. I love being a cool summer and also warm winter person. Bring on the shopping trips. Thank you Siobhan for totally broadening my horizons……watch this space. Lizzie L. Fashion Retail Manager & Beauty Consultant

Siobhan knows her stuff! She is inspiring and creative in her approach to styling. A wonderful couple of hours spent going deeper into the subject of personal styling. It’s a subject to continually develop and learn, whether for personal or business reasons, a must to be able to understand how our clothes ‘speak’ about us.  Thank you Siobhan for your encouragement and expertise, well worth attending. Aly H. Public Speaking Coach

I went to the WellStyled workshop and I found it an invaluable experience! I actually booked to go on the workshop because I love Siobhan’s style. She always looks so lovely : ) Also I wanted to learn how to find my own creative style that would suit my personality and business brand. The workshop was so helpful.  Not only did I learn so much tools and tips about personal styling, but I came away feeling so inspired and confident. Now, I have a new found appreciation for clothing and colours that work for me. I also take greater pride in what I wear.  Siobhan’s workshop is a great investment and I would recommend it to anyone seeking a to improve their look! Alison N. Life-Style Business Owner

I attended Siobhan’s workshop and really enjoyed it. She was very approachable as well as knowledgeable and made the whole event both fun and educational.  She purposely keeps the numbers low so that she has time to colour match each guest as well as give a personal opinion on body size and shape and therefore the corresponding shape and style of clothes to choose when out.  She also gave us the confidence to consider statement jewellery and bolder lipstick colours to complement face shape and skin tone and I came away feeling much more confident about shopping for my shape, knowing how to work certain looks confidently and overall feeling excited about my next shopping spree! The next step for me is to book Siobhan to do a full at home wardrobe detox and style consultation! Emma B. Business Recruitment

My sister held a style soirée with Siobhan, it was a really enjoyable evening and very educational! Siobhan was brilliant to talk to and gave us all lots of advice on how to improve our style. I feel really inspired now and have already decluttered my wardrobe and planned a shopping trip. I would thoroughly recommend Siobhan. Thank you so much. Rebecca B.

Thank you Siobhan, we all had such a brilliant time last night too. You were very inspiring. Can’t wait to go shopping. Thanks again Sarah x  Sarah L.

Thank you so much – a really great experience & totally couldn’t have done without you. I am wearing one of our outfits today and it feels great. Justine E. Life Style, Business Owner

I had such an interesting and VERY eye opening afternoon with you – while it was great fun, it was also incredibly helpful. I’m not a fashionista at the best of times, but even I could tell that the bag lady chic I had been rocking was not doing me any favours. Thanks to you I’ve started to look at pieces that I would never have tried before. Feel very refreshed about having my wardrobe pruned too! Now I just need help figuring out how to stop my handsy children from destroying my lovely new clothes. Rachel D. School Administrator

I was lucky enough to have a morning with WellStyled for my birthday. After blitzing my over-stuffed wardrobe, Siobhan worked through colours, styles, necklines, accessories etc that I should be wearing. Cleansed and ready to shop! Highly recommendedRhiannon H. Business Managment Consultant

Really enjoyed the WellStyled party at the weekend.Siobhan covered so much that i didn’t know, colours, shapes, trends, and gave individual attention which was especially valuable. She also gave great shopping tips whatever your budget! Transformation here I come! Ruth T. Playwrighter

A fantastic workshop yesterday, so much invaluable information. I am now looking forward to the wardrobe clear out and revamp I have booked. I am ready to get well styled for summer. Sarah B. Jewellery Designer

I enjoyed the style workshop and really enjoyed meeting the other women who were there. The presentation was interesting and informative. It was great that I came away having identified some of my positive points appearance-wise as I have previously only focused on the negatives! I found it to be a supportive environment too, and was really touched by the little compliments that the women there gave. It was nice to feel a bit of a boost by being there, and it has given me more confidence in that area. Jessica F. Marketing Consultant