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Sunglasses for every face shape with Linda Farrow

Linda Farrow sunglasses for every face shape


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In part one of this, sunglasses for every face shape, blog series, we determined our face shape by outlining it on a mirror.

Okay, so it was deliberately unscientific.  It went against the grain of my stylist training, but when you get to a certain ‘age’ (40+) you realise that measuring your face, is tantamount to taking a ruler to other parts of the anatomy, and we should just leave that to the boys!  Once you go down the path of measuring your face with tape measure…well then to be honest, this is not the ‘light-hearted and easy-reading’ styling and fashion blog for you.  We need to take ourselves less seriously and that includes our faces : )

Once you have a good idea of your face shape, finding the right sunglasses that are the best fit for you, is made easy.

So, where do you shop for luxe fashion frames?  Go where the most stylish Londoners and international jet set shop, Linda Farrow.

Linda Farrow is one of the most exciting brands in stylish and innovative luxury eyewear, taking sunglasses to the next level, collaborating with many of the world’s most acclaimed designers, including Dries Van Noten, Raf Simons, Matthew Williamson, Alexander Wang and Yohji Yamamoto.

I was lucky enough to recently attend an interview with the lovely Tracy Sedino, co-founded of Linda Farrow, where I learnt how she accidentally inherited the brand and built it up with her husband over a decade ago.


Siobhan Young and Tracy Sedino co-founder of Linda Farrow

Siobhan Young and Tracy Sedino co-founder of Linda Farrow

I’ve chosen Linda Farrow’s, timeless and uncompromising in quality, sunglasses range to help me show you some of the coolest and hottest sunglasses for every face shape for SS16.

Round faces – your face width and length are similar

If your feminine round face is similar to Kate Winslet, you want to create dimension and add definition with sharp,  geometric or rectangular styles.  Even out your roundness by wearing classic wayfarers, cat eyes, sharp or rectangular styles.

Oval faces -your face is long, thin and your chin is narrower than your forehead

If you have an oval shaped face, oversized frames look glam on you we well as circular and round.  Indeed, you possibly have the pick of the styles. Your striking cheekbones can be emphasised with statement sunglasses.


Square face shape – you have more angular lines with wide cheekbones, forehead and jawline

Soften your angular features with round or curvier sunglasses.   Ensure the width of your sunglasses are wider than your cheekbones to offset the sharpness.  Aviators and cat eye glasses will compliment your face shape.

Heart shape – you have a broad forehead wide cheeks that narrow down to a defined pointed chin

To narrow the offset a wider forehead choose heavy bottom frames.  Aviators would do the trick as the shape balances with your chin.  Also light coloured statement styles would give the illusion of a slimmer forehead.  Also large and round shapes look great on you.


I hope that has helped give you some idea of the latest styles for this SS16 and which ones to choose for you. What are your favourite sunglasses brands?  Hope to hear from you, as always comments are most welcome and thanks for reading.  I hope this blog has prepped you for your sunglasses shopping!





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