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Which sunglasses should I wear?

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Last week, a mummy friend cornered me in the school playground and asked me, as her personal stylist friend, “which sunglasses should I wear?” and did I like her new pair of aviators?


Get it right, as sunglasses can make or break an outfit

When I started styling professionally, I practised my styling training on friends and offered free wardrobe detoxes. Eagerly, I’d edit, dissect and analyse my volunteers’ fashion choices.  I would over-zealously put personal styling theory into practise, at the expense of compromising years of friendship.

Simply put, our DNA is entwined in our clothing choice, so having a close friend, pop your wardrobe under a microscope and MarieKondo it to death, can unleash the full force of your inner Daenerys Targaryen.



Daenerys Targaryen, the mother of dragons

At the risk of ruffling feathers, as a stylist and a friend, it is prudent to make no comment on someone’s outfit.  Apart from the one time, I piped up and told a book-club friend to return the pleather for a real leather jacket.

Back when I was new to styling, I found it hard not to take my stylist’s hat off.  I’d harp on about the rules of dimensions, balancing proportions, shapes, silhouettes and everyone’s best features. When you’re a stylist, your fashion opinions can catapult friendships to new heights, or they can take a nose dive, if you’re too frank.

With clients, I can throw in a few style curve balls. Whereas, as a friend, you are duty bound to compliment.  My girlfriends and I love to gush.  It’s all soft and buttery.  It would be so unfriendly not to o-o-h and a-wwww.

Today, a decade after trial and error of styling friends, my rule is to play it safe.  Hence, I don’t style my girl squad!

Instead, I write a blog post…and thread on eggshells as I write…

Styles for SS16 in a nutshell

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SS16 sunglass trend is GO BIG and SCALE UP.  In a word, maximalist.

The Fashion Week Shows featured oversized sunnies that covered up a big chunk of the face.  Over the top embellishments, included floral, engraved, golden and glitter frames.  Eye-catching (!) and statement styles ruled the catwalks.

It was a call to go back in time with wayfarers and aviators.  My favourite, sultry cat-eye sunnies were also forecasted to still be in this season.  In lens we saw the darker the better, tech geeky yellow lens and also reflective or mirror ones.

With all these styles, how do we determine which sunglasses suit our face shape?

The first step is to work out your face shape.

Work out your face shape by pulling your hair off your forehead with one hand, look into a mirror and trace the outline of your face on the glass with marker or lipstick.

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Determine your face shape

Now that you’ve determined your face shape do you know what shades suit you?

Stay tuned for the second part of this blog post, when I’ll be showing you how to offset your face shape with sunglasses styles.  And my hot favourite shades for SS16.



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