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Myth: Looking stylish is too much of an effort

Myth: Looking stylish is too much of an effort

Apart from my personal styling work, I am a busy mum on the run with three kids.  I am not looking stylish on Monday’s as I work in my office.  Here I can channel my inner man repeller. Read, minimal effort.

Today, I’m on a mission to bust the myth that looking stylish is too much of an effort. It’s just a misconception, and here’s why.

However, before I start…

If you do have the time and commitment to have a fortnightly shellac polish, monthly hair/ facials, then this post is not for you.

If you devote hours on staying hot on the heels of what the achingly cool are wearing, then this post is not your bag.

Most busy mum’s are just trying to do the laundry, let alone look stylish. They think it takes too much effort!

So here are my tricks on looking stylish effortlessly:-

1. Wear a hat.  It is a great statement piece. I wear mine to detract from frizz, grey roots and bad hair, which no amount of dry shampoo can fix.

2. Throw on a fabulous coat to hide a lazy or kid-stained ensemble.  A trench coat is a wardrobe staple and looks chic.   Click here to get some tips on how to wear a trench coat.

3. Add an edge with a pair of crisp white trainers. Apart from the cool factor, I crave comfort after a weekend personal shopping in heels.

4. Add flourish to your outfit with the accessory du jour a scarf.

5. Finish with a red lipstick for a wow factor.

Here’s the final look. Effortlessly styled, polished not perfect.


Siobhan Young Looking Stylish effortlessly


Do you still think style is too much of an effort? How do you strike a balance between being stylish and keeping it real?

Shiv x

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