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Is there a stylish way to hold sunglasses?

The sunniest day in the UK this year warranted my favourite accessory, sunglasses.  Hence, I had both specs and sunnies to juggle.  Sorry, first world problems, but it was such a rigamarole to keep swapping glasses and sunnies.  Is there a stylish way to hold sunglasses?

Last week, Liberty London launched the debut collection of Rassin & Shen,  An innovative and aspirational accessory brand that offers stylish necklaces for glasses.

WellStyled met up with Efrat Rassin, one half of the Rassin & Shen brand, last week for lunch and to get the low-down on how Efi and Tara Shen (co-founder and BFF) came up with the concept of beautiful accessories for eyewear.

R&S Efi

WellStyled interview: Tara Shen and Efrat Rassin of Rassin and Shen

1. Can you tell us about the brand Rassin & Shen?  

Rassin & Shen is a fashion brand dedicated for eyewear users.  Our debut collection focus on handmade eyewear necklaces to hold and protect your glasses.

The necklaces are hand-crafted in family owned factory in Poland. The raw material is sourced from France, using highest class acetate made by the famous Italian company Mazzucchelli (1849). We use 18k gold plated brass, so all our designs are hypoallergenic.

Designs have playfulness and hidden functions. They have references to women’s strength and our appreciation of artisanal quality.

Rassin&Shen N°1 Tokyo Eyeglasses Necklace model

N°1 Tokyo Eyeglasses Necklace £65.00


2. How did you come up with the idea?

I was born into the eyewear industry. My parents own the first and leading eyewear optic store in Israel.  Growing up in the industry and seeing trade shows in Milan and Paris, I was exposed to beautiful and exciting brands. Yet I was frustrated by the lack of variety of well-designed accessories for eyewear. Plus, they were not offered in a stylish way; the chain, the spray, and don’t get me started on the eyewear cases.

A stylish way to wear sunglasses

3. Where do you get your inspiration for your designs?

For our debut collection we chose acetate as an homage to the 50s when fashion was crazy for this beautiful material.  Back then it was considered rare and luxurious. The trendiest look in eyewear, for over more than a century, is plastic . We are using Mazukelly Acetate to create our necklaces.  It is the highest quality of plastic. This particular acetate has been used to produce eyewear frames for over 200 years, for all luxury houses.  One of the beautiful qualities of this material is the way it mimics nature; from the popular tortoiseshell to pearl, gold, silver and even wood.

4. Where can we buy your stylish eyewear?

We are stocked in Liberty London where our debut collection launched just last week. Its a great boost for us as a young startup. For the full collection you can also shop directly from our website.

5.  You have a great sense of style. Tell us, where do you like to shop?

I love shopping in small, hidden boutiques. I love ANNA in primrose hill and Jigsaw 55emporium St. My current favourite brand is Sandro. I like mixing premium brands with high-street fashion.

6. Finally, can you describe your personal style?

It would vary from where I’m going but I would say mostly casual, elegant and chic.  I like to be comfortable. Maybe that’s why we like to focus on practical accessories at Rassin & Shen. I also like to mix styles – rough with elegant.


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