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How to build a quality wardrobe on a tight budget

Today’s Saturday shopping trip with my client is going to be tight. Our shopping budget is a strict £400. This makes for a heck of a capsule wardrobe challenge. But, I relish a challenge and can’t wait to show my client how to build a quality wardrobe on a  tight budget.

We are heading to Royal Victoria Place in Tunbridge Wells to shop the high street heros and get maximum bang for our buck.

But how do we shop sustainably on a small budget?  Is it possible to be on trend in show-stopping outfits, yet ethical too?

If you know me, I’m passionate about sustainable fashion. Jigsaw’s AW15 campaign slogan “Clothes for life not landfill” rings true.


I try stride the green carpet, as much as a shopaholic possibly can. So, to shop strategically and ethically you need a plan.


Here’s our 5 steps to shopping on a budget and embrace our green fashionista:

  1. Can we dream up 3 /4 combinations for the hot number we’re crushing on?
  2. Will this item mix, match and add value to our wardrobe?
  3. Is there already a duplicate in our wardrobe? We don’t need another.
  4. Ok its bang on trend, but is a fad or is it timeless?
  5. Lets buy one amazing high quality item that will grow with us as we step away from throw away fashion.

How did we get on?  Find out tomorrow.  I promise to share all our hot buys!

What about you, do you think about shopping sustainably, and if so, what’s your plan?

x Shiv


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