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Different shades and how to wear green


Today is St Patricks day. I am missing out on the craic because I now live in Tunbridge Wells and am suffering Paddy’s day expat FOMO.  There’s no Green Guinness going down here in Kent. But I can still dress up and privately celebrate. I really do have the luck of the Irish today.

I can wear green. I dig up an emerald green cardigan and it suits my natural colouring.

So, why do come colours work on some, and not on others?

For me, green works because I have the right skin tone. I have yellow skin and I tan nicely, thanks to my Chinese dad. Plus added to my warm yellow features, I also have chestnut brown eyes.  Basically I have a warm yellow undertone.

So my colouring blends perfectly with the rich hues of Paddy’s Day Emerald Green.

But what if you happen to be more demure and subtle, with blue eyes and ash blond hair?  How do you avoid days like today, when its mandatory to wear GREEN?

Help is at hand. There is in a tone of green that suits the English Roses.

Its can be described as a cool icy green –  it has a little bit more blue injected in it.  Albeit not very Irish Paddy green, a coral teal like shade of green can bring out the spark in your eyes and keep all sallowness at bay.  Here those cooler and fairer of face, will avoid looking like a green traffic light and too brazen.

Ok I understand that for some, this might be getting very high brow or colour technical. So to end, what am I wearing today?

Green and how I wear it well

What I dug up today harks back to my bohemian styles, which is what I like to revert to in Summer.  This card has been washed endlessly. It’s still as bright as the first day I bought it.  Zero pilling. In my book, that makes it a very good sustainable buy.

Where did I get it?  TK Maxx. Because I can. I know how to shop and stay sane in TK Maxx and come out with some good buys and bargains.  It takes some guts, but I love the whole exercise of shopping in TK Maxx.  Shhh… lets keep that one to ourselves.

I team the bright green cardi with my latest wardrobe splurge Paige dark flared high waisted jeans. Uber comfy and dense thick very forgiving denim. It forgives all my unsightly lumps and bumps and hides them so well.  Sometimes its worth paying more for jeans because the thicker the denim the better at hiding our bits. Also back to colour,  the dark denim works perfectly with the dark emerald green.  The contrasting colours look intense together, it works well and I feel fab!

Time for a Bailey’s, me thinks. Sláinte

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