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Sunglasses for every face shape with Linda Farrow


Linda Farrow sunglasses for every face shape   In part one of this, sunglasses for every face shape, blog series, we determined our face shape by outlining it on a mirror. Okay, so it was deliberately unscientific.  It went against the grain of my stylist training, but when you get to a certain ‘age’ (40+) you […]

Hot high street buys on a budget


From the start, my client and I were guaranteed to have a fun shopping session.  There is nothing more satisfying for a personal shopper, than working with someone who is keen to step outside their comfort zone and have fun with it! We found lots of hot high street buys on a budget yesterday. We didn’t […]

April showers equal trench coat season 


It rained again today. How do we weather the storm and look well styled on days like today?  The real fashionistas from London to Kent, or where ever its raining today, know with glee that April showers equal trench coat season. Every one should own a trench coat.  It is a wardrobe staple and perfect […]