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If you are a busy working woman,  stay-at-home mum, juggling both roles, and you’d like to discover simple, sustainable style, you’ve come to the right place.

My monthly blog promises to be light hearted, so you can enjoy it over a cuppa, while I share my sartorial inspiration.

As a personal stylist with over a decade experience, I have a knack for sharing styling tips and fashion recommendations.  If you want a fresh approach to shopping, want the pick of the best finds or learn about events happening in your area, then you might find what you are looking for here.

Disclaimer: I may not post each month due to client commitments and just being a mum.  


Get ready for Summer now


Don’t let Summer catch you out.  Get ready for Summer now.  Your clothes should be out of storage and your wardrobe detoxed, so you are prêt-à-porter. Today, was like Summer.  I did not get ready for Summer or even consider SS16. Before you penalise the stylist, I was a good mum today.  I did the […]

Myth: Looking stylish is too much of an effort


Myth: Looking stylish is too much of an effort Apart from my personal styling work, I am a busy mum on the run with three kids.  I am not looking stylish on Monday’s as I work in my office.  Here I can channel my inner man repeller. Read, minimal effort. Today, I’m on a mission to bust the […]

Hot high street buys on a budget


From the start, my client and I were guaranteed to have a fun shopping session.  There is nothing more satisfying for a personal shopper, than working with someone who is keen to step outside their comfort zone and have fun with it! We found lots of hot high street buys on a budget yesterday. We didn’t […]

How to build a quality wardrobe on a tight budget


Today’s Saturday shopping trip with my client is going to be tight. Our shopping budget is a strict £400. This makes for a heck of a capsule wardrobe challenge. But, I relish a challenge and can’t wait to show my client how to build a quality wardrobe on a  tight budget. We are heading to Royal […]

April showers equal trench coat season 


It rained again today. How do we weather the storm and look well styled on days like today?  The real fashionistas from London to Kent, or where ever its raining today, know with glee that April showers equal trench coat season. Every one should own a trench coat.  It is a wardrobe staple and perfect […]

Different shades and how to wear green


  Today is St Patricks day. I am missing out on the craic because I now live in Tunbridge Wells and am suffering Paddy’s day expat FOMO.  There’s no Green Guinness going down here in Kent. But I can still dress up and privately celebrate. I really do have the luck of the Irish today. I […]

Women in Business Image & Style Workshop


Women in Business Image and Style Workshop held on Tuesday 23 February at Spa Hotel, Tunbridge Wells, 10am-1pm.  Do you feel your image could do with a polish or a style overhaul? Are you daunted by what to wear to represent your business brand?  It has become more challenging for women to streamline their professional […]

Dress to impress or mutton dressed as lamb?


Do you think its better to dress to impress in a little more frumpy style because you’d rather look that way, than be deluded about your age? As a personal stylist, I work with clients from around Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London to help empower them to dress to impress. I help them overcome the fear […]