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If you are a busy working woman,  stay-at-home mum, juggling both roles, and you’d like to discover simple, sustainable style, you’ve come to the right place.

My monthly blog promises to be light hearted, so you can enjoy it over a cuppa, while I share my sartorial inspiration.

As a personal stylist with over a decade experience, I have a knack for sharing styling tips and fashion recommendations.  If you want a fresh approach to shopping, want the pick of the best finds or learn about events happening in your area, then you might find what you are looking for here.

Disclaimer: I may not post each month due to client commitments and just being a mum.  


Make that first impression count


Have you ever said something like, “I don’t like the look of him” or “she looks just like my type”? It may seem frivolous and shallow, but we are hell bent on judging people first by their appearance. Studies shows that physical appearance has the biggest influence on first impressions. Make that first impression count. A person’s […]

How to be beautiful for an Indian summer


Nothing beats the feeling of a summer dress. My heart is pounding with excitement as soon it’s time to get dressed up for summer.  I am as excited as my five year old daughter when it comes to dressing up.  This summer is no exception. The catwalks promised a summer of billowy, floral, romantic, soft and feminine […]

Stylist Live 2016 scoop


Stylist Live is a four day extravaganza On my 45th birthday this month, I left Tunbridge Wells and went shopping in the trendy suburb of Islington and then sought style inspiration at Stylist Live. Stylist Live is a four day extravaganza of “cocktails, catwalks, culture and conversations…” they said.  It was held at the Business Design Centre […]

Back by popular demand, Women in Business Workshop


  Are you an ambitious business women who wants to sharpen your image and make a professional impact? Want to know how to align your personal style with your brand values? This Women in Business Image & Style Workshop, brought to you by Siobhan Young of WellStyled, will give you the tools and techniques to […]

How to Age Alternatively


Suzi Grant – Creating Style for the Over 40s and beyond I met Suzi Grant, a former TV, Radio Presenter and Reporter, at the 30-40+Blogger event. She has written three books including Alternative Ageing and started her blog of the same name in 2014. Suzi is a source of fashion intelligence, you don’t encounter everyday, […]

Fashion Bloggers in Chelsea


Fashion Bloggers in Chelsea On May 16th, I went along to the inaugural 30-40+ Blogger Meet which proved to be an inspiring event. It was held at the Imperial in Chelsea on the King’s Road and for me it was a walk down memory lane as I returned to this well-heeled neighbourhood, my stomping ground […]

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Sunglasses for every face shape with Linda Farrow


Linda Farrow sunglasses for every face shape   In part one of this, sunglasses for every face shape, blog series, we determined our face shape by outlining it on a mirror. Okay, so it was deliberately unscientific.  It went against the grain of my stylist training, but when you get to a certain ‘age’ (40+) you […]

Which sunglasses should I wear?


Last week, a mummy friend cornered me in the school playground and asked me, as her personal stylist friend, “which sunglasses should I wear?” and did I like her new pair of aviators? Awkward! Get it right, as sunglasses can make or break an outfit When I started styling professionally, I practised my styling training on […]

DIY wardrobe detox


DIY wardrobe detox Spring is peak season for wardrobe detox bookings. For some of us a wardrobe detox with a personal stylist can be fraught with angst: Who is this personal stylist about to rifle through my wardrobe to highlight all my fashion faux pas? I’m in a style pickle, but I can’t justify paying a […]

Is there a stylish way to hold sunglasses?


The sunniest day in the UK this year warranted my favourite accessory, sunglasses.  Hence, I had both specs and sunnies to juggle.  Sorry, first world problems, but it was such a rigamarole to keep swapping glasses and sunnies.  Is there a stylish way to hold sunglasses? Last week, Liberty London launched the debut collection of […]