Hello, I’m Siobhan Young, an award-winning, established personal stylist and style coach of WellStyled.

I founded WellStyled to empower busy women with simple and sustainable styling advice, so that they would feel better about themselves and more confident about their appearance.


I am your personal stylist with international expertise spanning over 10 years.

My career as a personal stylist, has taken me from Sydney to London. My expertise in fashion and styling has covered not only personal styling with private clients, but running style workshops, teaching personal styling to fashion students (FBI), launching a high-end boutique and personal styling shopping tour (CHIC), and running my own fashion PR business.

I am passionate about what I do and also event manage Corporate Style Events for blue chips, corporates and SMEs.

Fashion Weekend Stylist, Sydney

I studied personal styling with the Australian College of Professional Styling over 10 years ago and more recently as part of my continuous professional development, I attended personal fashion styling at the prestigious London College of Fashion. I am an affiliate member of FIPI, Federation of Image Professional International.

I work with highly successful executives, to stay-at-home mums, all with different backgrounds, budgets and needs. I like to ensure that all my clients feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease during their special styling experience.

It’s easy to feel exposed and vulnerable when you have someone putting your personal style under the spotlight. My approach is sensitive and perceptive without judgement, but with discretion.

Most importantly personal styling should be fun. There is no point in looking amazing, if you don’t enjoy the process to get there.

After 10 years as a personal stylist working in Sydney to now London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, I have a well-honed, natural flair and expert eye for colour, design and combining outfits. I am known to be a straight-talker with a killer attitude for a look that doesn’t work.  

I am passionate about my job as a personal stylist and love seeing the positive impact it has had on all of my clients. I find it so rewarding when I revisit them and see how they ooze confidence and style after working with me.

I’m a mum to three and understand why so many of us can lose a sense of style after starting a family. As a mum, we need to be practical, yet still want to look stylish.

Our appearance has a huge impact on our mindset and our sense of well-being. When you look good, you just feel great!

Siobhan Young with client Personal Shopping Success!

Siobhan Young with client Personal Shopping Success!

I am a champion of sustainable fashion practices.

Part the vision of WellStyled is to help you shop more wisely. Fashion can be less stressful and more enjoyable, if we slow down, buy less and better. Fast fashion is made for short-term use. I will help you develop a discerning eye for style so your clothes are more sustainable. We will shop together by choosing items that have integrity and are made with love.

Life is so fast paced and demanding with stress and burnout at an all time high. Wouldn’t it be great if things were more simple? We need all areas in our life to be better performing to help give us balance and help us function effectively. We want our style to be in tune with our lifestyle. Let me show you how!

Colour analysis at WellStyled Workshop

WellStyled Women in Business Workshop – colour analysis

Get in touch with me today and discover how to feel educated, empowered and confident about how you look & dress each day.

I look forward to hearing your story.

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